William F. McMurry

Of Counsel

William F. McMurry, a distinguished legal practitioner with a career spanning over four decades, holds a prominent position within the legal community of Florida. He has been a licensed attorney in the state for an impressive 43 years, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the practice of law.

Mr. McMurry’s extensive expertise is underscored by his exceptional achievement of being Board-Certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by the Florida Board of Legal Specialization, a distinction he has maintained for an impressive 32 years. This certification serves as a hallmark of his proficiency in the realm of civil trial law.

Notably, Mr. McMurry is a rare gem in the legal profession, holding the unique distinction of being Board Certified both as a Florida Civil Trial Specialist and as a Board-Certified Legal Malpractice Specialist, a recognition bestowed upon him by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys in 1994. His prowess in legal malpractice cases is rooted in a wealth of trial experience, a vital asset in securing optimal outcomes for his clients. The board certification in legal malpractice trial practice underscores Mr. McMurry’s commitment to excellence and ethical standards, assuring clients of his ability to secure the best possible results.

In addition to his practice in Florida, Mr. McMurry is licensed to practice in Kentucky and North Carolina. Throughout his career, he has dedicated his efforts primarily to professional liability cases, where his impact has been significant. As early as 1994, he earned the distinction of being a Board-Certified Medical Malpractice Specialist, recognized by the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys.

The core of every malpractice case revolves around a breach of trust, and Mr. McMurry has passionately advocated for victims in various domains, including medical malpractice, accounting malpractice, and survivors of priest and nun sexual abuse. Notably, he achieved a remarkable legal feat by successfully challenging Foreign Sovereign Immunity in a groundbreaking lawsuit against the Vatican, a foreign nation. This landmark case held the Vatican accountable for the actions of its Bishops in the U.S., who were instructed by the Holy See to conceal instances of child sexual abuse by pedophile priests and refrain from reporting them to authorities.

In 2003, Mr. McMurry achieved a substantial settlement of $25.7 million in a class action case against the Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky. This case addressed the sexual abuse of numerous children perpetrated by thirty-five priests and one sitting U.S. Bishop over a period spanning five decades.

Furthermore, Mr. McMurry stands as the sole lawyer in the United States to successfully litigate against a Catholic Orphanage Asylum, specifically the St. Thomas/St. Vincent Orphanage Asylum, an 800-bed facility in Anchorage, Kentucky operated by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. These cases centered around the physical and sexual abuse endured by orphans during the 1930s to the 1970s, involving a priest, 15 nuns, and others. His outstanding representation of these survivors, now adults, has been immortalized in the book "The Unbreakable Child,” authored by one of the survivors, Kim Michelle Richardson.

In summary, Mr. McMurry is a dedicated advocate for justice, particularly in cases involving the abuse of trust in legal malpractice matters. His exceptional career and remarkable legal achievements continue to make a significant impact on the legal landscape.

William F. McMurry - Of Counsel At The Maher Law Firm