Orlando Class Action Litigation Attorneys

A class action lawsuit is a legal procedure that allows people with the same grievance to join together and file a joint lawsuit. This creates power in numbers and aims to take the David versus Goliath part out of the equation. Just think: What if it were 1,000 Davids versus one Goliath? The Maher Law Firm has its finger on the pulse of the class action litigation world. We’ve been selected to national mass tort trial teams to some of the country’s largest cases. We’re here to counsel you through the entire process, including the decision on whether your case fits a class action or if it should be tried as a separate case on its own.

Our Orlando class action attorneys at The Maher Law Firm have navigated a wide range of class action suits against companies throughout the state. A class action lawsuit is one that is brought by a plaintiff who has experienced some type of unlawful conduct, discrimination, or who has been injured by a defective product. This could include an employer who has broken employment laws in regards to rest breaks or overtime pay, insurance fraud, and a variety of other cases. We have stood up to various companies during the more than 40 years we have been in practice. Our lawyers are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the laws related to various class claims.

Orlando Class Action Litigation Attorneys

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Class action lawsuits could be related to:

  • Dangerous products
  • Environmental problems
  • Securities fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Consumer fraud
  • Employment discrimination

Work with Our Experienced Orlando Class Action Lawyers

Class action lawsuits are either brought about in federal court or in state court, depending on the location of the lawsuit and the type of claim. When a claim is brought about involving all of the employees in a company, they are considered to be part of the claim unless they choose to opt themselves out. We would be happy to look over the details of your situation to determine which type of claim you have.

There are many complicated matters involved in personal injury and civil law, but one of our experienced Orlando personal injury attorneys can help you navigate your class action lawsuit. Throughout the time that we have been in practice, we have represented thousands of cases and recovered billions of dollars in damages.