7 Factors That Can Impact Your Orlando Car Accident Claim

Knowing what goes into an auto accident claim can help you know what you should expect in a settlement. An Orlando Auto Accident Lawyer from The Maher Law Firm explains.

7 Factors That Can Impact Your Orlando Car Accident Claim

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When you have been hurt in an auto accident in Central Florida, one of the first things you do is file a claim with the insurance. The insurance company looks at your injuries and damages and determines how much you deserve in a settlement offer. For many Orlando auto accident victims, knowing how much this settlement offer should be is confusing. You do not know what is covered under insurance or what you are entitled to after a car accident.

The following are seven factors that go into determining how much you deserve in a settlement after an Orlando car accident.

  1. How severe your injury was and the long-term consequences you face as a result
  2. Your age
  3. Expenses incurred as a result of the crash, such as medical bills
  4. Lost wages as a result of having to miss work after an Orlando accident
  5. Change in quality of life
  6. Temporary or permanent disability as a result of the injuries from the crash
  7. How experienced your attorney is in finding pockets of money

Filing an insurance claim after an Orlando auto accident is a complicated matter. It requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the law and the way insurance companies determine how much you should receive in a settlement offer.

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