Huge Verdict in Car Accident Case

The Maher Law Firm is pleased to announce a $3.455 million verdict in Clark v. United Services Automobile Association.

In 2014, Courtney Clark, a single mother of two balancing motherhood and a full time medical job, was rear ended while waiting to merge at an intersection. Because of this collision, Ms. Clark had a disc herniation in three levels of her neck. After years of conservative treatment, therapies and injections, she went through an invasive two-level cervical arthroplasty, replacing her herniated discs with artificial discs in an effort to relieve the pain.


Attorneys Geoff Moore and Steve Maher became involved in Ms. Clark’s case right after the incident occurred. They counseled Ms. Clark and walked her through the entire legal process. After being unable to resolve the case prior to trial, Mr. Moore and Mr. Maher tried Ms. Clark’s case in Sarasota County, Florida, receiving a $3,455,363.01 verdict in excess of Ms. Clark’s insurance policy limits.


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