AAJ Winter Convention

Just back from the Winter AAJ Convention in Miami, Florida. As attorneys, we’re required, just like doctors, to continue our professional education. We attend courses each year to learn about new legal developments, case law and state-of-the-art litigation strategies. These conventions are also a great opportunity to meet with our co-counsels from across the country. Because of our experience and reputation, we work with the top plaintiffs’ attorneys from all over the United States and join forces with them in class action law suits, multi-district litigation and other national cases. This year, we’re on the front lines of cases such as 3M military earplugs, Opioids, defective IVC filters and Taxotere.

And to be completely honest—no one (especially our northeast friends) complained about Miami Beach’s 85-degree February weather. We work so closely with our nationwide co-counsels. It’s always fun when we can all be in the same city. [Pictured, from left: Matt Mokwa, Steve Maher, Wes and Jason Fraxedas