What's My Car Accident Case Worth?

The Maher Law Firm's Major Case Director, Cindy Harris, weighs in on this important topic.

"What’s my case worth,” is one of the questions I get asked the most. And I get it. I’ve worked in personal injury litigation for more than 40 years—20 of those on the insurance side.

What's My Florida Car Accident Case Worth?

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Getting in a car accident is traumatic and complicated for so many reasons—one of the main ones being all the bad, free advice out there. What to do, what not to do—it all comes at you like a rush of hot lava.

So what is your case worth? My honest answer: It’s simply one of two things.

1.     Your case is worth what you are willing to accept as compensation for all your damages and what the negligent party is willing to pay.


2.     What a jury tells you your case is worth.

Insurance companies have computer programs and algorithms that attempt to project what a specific injury is "worth.” To them a broken arm is a broken arm, no matter the circumstances. Sound crazy? Sadly, it’s true!

But that’s where we come in. At The Maher Law Firm our goal is to tell your personal story in an effort to get full compensation for all the damages due to each injured client. What if you break your arm and you’re a professional chef? Or artist? Or surgeon?

What’s your case worth? Call me and we’ll compile all the facts—together.

We are your advocate to make sure the parties at the insurance company do not dismiss a single aspect of your case. We paint the entire picture of how you and your family have been affected each and every day from the negligent acts of others. You can reach me anytime at 407-839-0866.

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