Swimming Pool Accidents

Injured in a Swimming Pool Accident?

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An enjoyable day at a public or private pool can become tragic when an accident occurs. The reality is that many of these are not random incidents. Instead, they are the direct result of the negligence of a pool operator or owner. Given the prevalence of swimming pools in Orlando and throughout central Florida, our Orlando personal injury lawyers at The Maher Law Firm are familiar with their hazards and the types of accidents that can result from them. We believe it is important for victims and their families to know and protect their rights. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a swimming pool accident that has harmed you or a loved one, we can review your case and help you to assess your legal options.

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Why Do Swimming Pool Accidents Occur?

Swimming pool accidents can happen in Florida when pool owners or operators fail to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their guests.

Common types of negligence-related swimming pool accidents include those that involve:

  • Drowning - According to the National Safety Council (NSC), more than 7,000 drowning deaths occur each year in the U.S. and are the leading cause of injury and death among children under age five. These accidents can occur when lifeguards, adults or others who are in charge of supervising swimmers (especially children) fail to live up to their duties.
  • Near-drowning - Even if a person does not die from being submerged in a pool for a long time, the prolonged loss of oxygen can lead to severe and possibly permanent brain damage.
  • Diving - Severe head, brain, and spinal cord injuries can result when a person dives into a shallow area of a pool. This may happen due to improper supervision or when the victim has not been properly warned of the pool's depth, either verbally or through signs or markings.
  • Faulty pool drains - Many pools have not been built or updated in compliance with state and federal regulations. Because of this failure, children can easily become caught in drains. In addition to the risk of drowning or near-drowning, a child may suffer damage to internal organs. Besides the pool owner or operator, the manufacturer of a defective pool drain may be liable for any injuries or deaths that result.
  • Chemicals and diseases - An owner/operator has a duty to ensure that the water in the pool has been properly treated with chlorine or other chemicals that kill harmful bacteria. Placing an improper amount or mix of chemicals - or failing to treat the water at all - can burn the skin and/or cause disease.
  • Electrocution - The placing of an electrical cord near the water can lead to potentially fatal electrocution. Owners and operators of pools have a duty to ensure that such hazards are not present.

Under the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, any pool or hot tub constructed after 2000 must also have certain features to keep out trespassers, especially children. These features include a four-foot (or higher) barrier around the pool, approved cover, self-locking gates, and alarms on doors or windows that allow access to the pool. The failure of a residential pool owner to comply with this law may lead to liability if an injury or death results.

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A victim or the family of a person who is killed in a swimming pool accident may be reluctant to file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner or operator. After all, the at-fault party may be your local municipality, private club, friend or neighbor. Please keep in mind that insurance - not the individual or entity - should pay for the losses you have suffered. It is important to have one's case thoroughly investigated to determine how the accident occurred, who should be held responsible, and what damages may be sought if a claim exists. The Maher Law Firm can provide this careful, thoughtful review of your case.

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