Injuries from Falls

Injuries from Falls at Nursing Homes

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Nursing homes have a responsibility to provide attentive care to their resident patients. Part of this duty is to ensure that patients are properly supervised so that they do not fall and injure themselves. While falls are entirely preventable, they sadly make up more than 25 percent of emergency room visits among nursing home patients. According to the CDC, many falls in nursing homes go unreported. Falls are considered one of the biggest problems in nursing homes.

If your loved one has fallen in a nursing home because they were not being properly supervised, you may have grounds for legal action. Consult with an Orlando nursing home abuse attorney at The Maher Law Firm to talk about your options.

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Causes & Consequences of Falls

In elderly patients, fall injuries can have serious or even life-threatening implications. The CDC estimates that between one-half to three-quarters of nursing home patients will experience at least one fall in a year, with as many as 20% of these falls resulting in injury. Approximately 1,500 nursing home residents die annually due to injuries from falls.

Many falls in nursing homes result because the facility is understaffed or because the staff did not take the time to perform an assessment of a patient’s fall risk. Falls are also the result of unsafe conditions in the facility, including wet and slippery floors or poor lighting. A fall can cause an elderly patient to suffer painful fractures, bruising, disability, anxiety and depression, and loss of quality of life.

Other common causes of falls in nursing homes include:

  • Damaged or inadequate walking aids
  • New medication
  • Changes in medication
  • Improper foot care
  • Muscle weakness

Pursuing Justice for Your Loved One

A well-run and effective nursing facility should be able to prevent the majority of fall accidents. When a preventable fall occurs, the nursing home may be guilty of negligence and therefore be liable for their patient’s injuries.

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