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Popular Blood Thinner Causes Uncontrollable Internal Bleeding

Have you recently taken a blood thinner following a surgery, or to treat a blood clot? If so, you may have been prescribed Xarelto, a popular blood thinner. Approved by the FDA in 2011, Xarelto boasted over $1 billion in U.S. sales in 2013. However, there has since been thousands of complaints about injuries and deaths caused as a direct result of the drug. By 2015, Xarelto received the most reports of serious injury in the U.S., and over 1,000 deaths. Not surprisingly, it has been named the riskiest outpatient drug currently on the market.

If you or someone you love has taken Xarelto and has experienced adverse or serious side effects, contact The Maher Law Firm to seek legal representation. Our compassionate Xarelto lawsuit lawyers understand how frustrating and terrifying it can be to go through a medical emergency, especially if you were not properly cautioned of the drug’s deadly side effects. Since 1969, we have been using our legal knowledge to fight for the rights of injured victims, and we’d like to help you, too.

What is Xarelto and How is it Dangerous?

Xarelto was developed by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and Bayer as an anticoagulant, or blood thinner. The drug can be given in uniform doses and, unlike many of its competitors, does not require regular blood testing to adjust the dosage. While all blood thinners increase the patient’s risk of internal bleeding, most other drugs provided an antidote to stop internal bleeding in an emergency, where Xarelto does not.

In the case that a patient taking Xarelto does experience internal bleeding, he or she will continue to bleed until the drug is flushed from the body. These extreme cases of internal bleeding can also affect blood flow, harming major organs and causing them to lose some or all functionality. If blood is allowed to pool inside the body, other complications could also occur.

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The lack of sufficient warning and labeling by Johnson & Johnson and Bayer has caused serious backlash because of the staggering numbers of injuries and deaths directly caused by Xarelto. If you were harmed or otherwise impaired after taking Xarelto, contact our firm to begin seeking compensation for your injuries. If you lost a loved one after they were given Xarelto, our compassionate attorneys want to seek justice for you so that you can rest easy and heal. Don’t wait to join the growing number of families and victims fighting, pursue your legal rights, today.

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