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  • How Do I Spot Nursing Home Negligence?

    Posted By The Maher Law Firm || 6-Dec-2017

    Nursing home abuse is a serious issue across the United States. One of the most common forms of abuse is neglect. Neglect happens when a person does not receive the adequate level of care that he or she needs. For many residents of nursing homes, basic hygiene, assistance with eating, and help with mobility end up being neglected by the very people who are supposed to be helping them with their ...
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  • Prescription Errors Are More Common Than You Think

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 23-Aug-2017

    Millions of Americans have filled a prescription at some point in their lives. While we trust our medications to help with our needs, prescription errors can cause significant harm. Many medication errors are discovered before they can cause harm, but 1.3 million Americans are injured by prescription errors each year. Prescription mistakes are surprisingly common, considering the serious ...
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  • Nursing Home Abuse: What Are the Warning Signs?

    Posted By The Maher Law Firm || 11-Aug-2016

    The elderly deserve our respect. These are our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers that have cared for us and now need care themselves. In many cases, however, the elderly are taken advantage of. They are abused and neglected by people who see their age as a weakness. The problem of nursing home abuse and neglect is one we should all know how to recognize and prevent. Elder abuse is ...
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  • New Year, Clean Slate, Safer Car: How to Maintain Your Vehicle

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 7-Jan-2016

    It’s safe to say the new year is still fresh. While many resolutioners are focusing their efforts on cutting the holiday pounds, working out three days a week, or spending less money at the local coffee shop, others are planning road trips to celebrate the New Year. Whatever your plan may be, if you plan to put some miles on your car this year, you may want to consider visiting a trusted ...
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  • Stay Safe on Your Thanksgiving Travels!

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 25-Nov-2015

    Thanksgiving is here! Today, tens of thousands of individuals and families across the state and country will be packing up the car and heading out to spend the holiday at a destination away from home. With so many people out on the road, there is sure to be an abundance of holiday traffic, and of course with traffic comes more opportunities for accidents to occur. Rear-end accidents are very ...
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