Most Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Most Common Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Posted By Maher Law Firm || 2-Mar-2018

As our loved ones age, nursing home facilities need to accommodate more and more senior citizens who are in need of frequent or constant medical attention or supervision. Unfortunately, as these numbers rise, not all facilities are able to keep up with the influx of new residents that require their care and, as a result, abuse and neglect become commonplace occurrences. Nursing home abuse can come in many forms and it is important for family members to be aware of the varying ways in which their loved one can be mistreated, so they are better able to recognize the signs.

Below are the most common forms of nursing abuse:

  • Physical abuse: This encompasses far more than acts of violence. Physical abuse can also include acts of force against an elderly resident, unwarranted use of antipsychotic medication or other drugs, and unnecessary physical restraint. Neglect is also considered another form of physical abuse, occurring when an elderly resident does not receive proper medical care and treatment. The most obvious signs of physical abuse are bruises, scratches, and other bodily marks.
  • Emotional abuse: Not all forms of abuse leave a mark. Emotional abuse is subtle, heinous, and causes an extreme amount of distress and anxiety to the resident, resulting in emotional pain. This mistreatment is done on purpose and typically includes threatening language, shouting, ridicule, humiliation, and periods of isolation. Although emotional abuse is not as evident as physical abuse, it can impact a resident’s well-being and ultimately lead to physical illness.
  • Financial fraud and exploitation: This is among one of the most common forms of nursing home abuse, especially because elderly residents are often incredibly reliant on their caregivers. Financial exploitation can happen in a number of ways: credit card or bank account theft, healthcare fraud, and scams. To help prevent residents from falling prey to dishonest staff members, caregivers should be closely monitored to ensure residents are receiving the treatment they paid for.
  • Sexual abuse: It might seem improbable, but the fact is that sexual abuse occurs in nursing homes. Elderly residents are sometimes taken advantage of by caregivers who abuse their position of authority. This type of abuse does not even necessarily have to be physical. It can also involve the forced viewing of pornographic material, or forcing an elderly resident to undress without cause.

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