Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Posted By Maher Law Firm || 24-Jan-2018

When we pay a visit to the doctor or go to the hospital, we generally expect to leave with either clarity regarding what ails us or in better condition. The last thing we expect is to be harmed by the very people who are meant to help and care for our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, some health care providers fail to uphold the duty of care that is required of them, leading to life-altering or deadly mistakes. If you were harmed or sustained injury due to the negligence of a medical professional, you might have a viable medical malpractice case for which you can receive compensation.

Below are some of the most common medical malpractice cases that occur:

  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis: This is one of the most prevalent medical errors patients experience, particularly when it comes to cancer in adults or meningitis in children, which are often not detected as early as they should be. Another common scenario occurs when someone goes to the hospital, is discharged, and later has recurrent or fatal symptoms, such as a heart attack or stroke.
  • Childbirth Injuries: Childbirth injuries are commonly caused by medical negligence. They include nerve damage, brain injuries, ectopic pregnancies, and fractured bones. These claims can fall into one of two categories: malpractice during childbirth or malpractice during prenatal care. The former is a result of a mistake or oversight that is made during the birth of a child, whereas the latter occurs when the mother is pregnant, or just before the baby is born.
  • Medication Errors: Mistakes that are made while either prescribing or administering prescription drugs is also a frequent problem that occurs. While it often happens to patients over the age of 60, other age groups have been victims of this as well. Medication errors are made when a doctor or nurse does not properly review a patient’s medical history and end up prescribing a drug that interacts detrimentally with another medication he or she is taking. Other examples include wrong drug prescriptions and dosage errors.
  • Surgery Errors: These tend to be the errors we hear most about, given their potential to be gruesome nightmares. The majority of these types of errors tend to be non-life threatening, such as accidental nerve damage and foreign objects left inside of a patient’s body. However, other claims can be much more serious, including wrong-site surgeries and wrong patient surgeries, which occur due to poor or missed communications.
  • Anesthesia Errors: This type of error is not only terrifying, but can even be fatal. In many cases, anesthesiologists might fail to read a patient’s medical history thoroughly and prescribe anesthesia to which the patient is allergic, resulting in a serious adverse reaction. It is also possible for too little anesthesia to be administered, or for a patient to not be properly warned of the risks involved if the preoperative instructions are not followed.

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Injuries caused by medical errors and hospital negligence are not as uncommon as some might think. If you sustained injuries caused by a medical professional, now is the time to obtain the skilled legal representation you deserve. At The Maher Law Firm, we have been representing victims of medical malpractice for over 40 years and would be honored to do the same for you. By holding these individuals accountable for their actions, we can help ensure these egregious errors happen less frequently within our communities.

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