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  • Malnutrition in Nursing Home Facilities

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 31-Oct-2018

    Many of us must make the decision to enter an elderly loved one into a nursing home facility. This is generally a very difficult choice to make and you will likely have some concerns regarding how well they can adjust to the new surroundings or if they will make new friends and be happy. What you might not be thinking about is whether they will have enough to eat or not. Unfortunately, this is a ...
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  • How Does Filing a Birth Injury Lawsuit Help?

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 17-Oct-2018

    If your baby suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent medical professional, you are undoubtedly going through a difficult time. In fact, you might be so stressed and overwhelmed that you might not want to endure the process of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is not uncommon for parents to forego this important step out of concern that they will not have enough time to devote to ...
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  • Nerve Damage in Newborns: What You Should Know

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 10-Oct-2018

    Every year, millions of babies are born in the United States and, unfortunately, many of them suffer from birth injuries at the hands of negligent medical professionals. Nerve damage is among one of the most common types of injuries. It is caused by trauma that affects the nerves that carry information from the brain and spinal cord to the entire body. In newborns, the most common nerve injury is ...
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  • Avoiding Surgical Errors

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 3-Oct-2018

    We put our trust in medical professionals, hoping to be in a better condition than the one we were in prior to treatment. While this is certainly the case for some, for others, trust is betrayed. Surgical errors, unfortunately, happen much more frequently than we think. These errors include foreign objects retained in a patient’s body, wrong-patient or wrong-side surgeries, anesthesia ...
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  • The Basics of Medical Malpractice

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 27-Sep-2018

    When a patient is harmed by a medical professional due to substandard care or negligence, this is known as medical malpractice. Given the complexities often involved in such cases, it is imperative to hire skilled legal counsel as soon as possible to increases your chances of obtaining fair and just compensation. Below are some of the basics involved in proving medical malpractice occurred: A ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Surgical Errors

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 19-Sep-2018

    There is no such thing as a risk-free surgery. Any time one ends up on an operating table, there is a chance that something can go wrong. However, most people do not expect complications to arise as a result of their surgeon’s negligence. After all, you put so much trust in health care providers to care for your health that the betrayal of that trust adds further insult to injury. If an ...
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  • What Can I Do if My Doctor Misdiagnosed My Condition?

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 12-Sep-2018

    A misdiagnosis could lead to some serious issues for a patient and, depending on the condition that was misdiagnosed, these types of errors could potentially cause irreparable damage or lead to death. If you were misdiagnosed by your physician, you might be wondering if you could file a lawsuit against him or her or what other options you have for taking legal action. The most important question ...
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  • Proving Hospital Negligence in a Medical Malpractice Case

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 5-Sep-2018

    Depending on the circumstances, it is possible for a hospital facility to be found liable for the injuries their patients sustain as a result of negligent care. However, such cases tend to be complicated, so it is crucial for any injured patient to make hiring an experienced medical malpractice attorney a priority to ensure they are able to secure fair and just compensation. Hospital ...
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  • Can Cerebral Palsy Be Cured?

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 30-Aug-2018

    Every year, over 10,000 children are diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which is a blanket term that encompasses several disorders that impact normal and healthy movements, resulting in issues with posture, gait, muscle tone, and coordination. While there is more than one cause for cerebral palsy, birth injuries are often the most common. For example, if a baby is pulled out too forcefully, is ...
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  • Can I Sue for Medical Malpractice Years After Treatment?

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 22-Aug-2018

    Much like any other legal matter, medical malpractice lawsuits must be filed within a certain timeframe, which is also known as the statute of limitations. Every state has a statute of limitations, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the specific rules of your own state to avoid missing this crucial deadline. In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a medical malpractice ...
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