Did Your Doctor Fail to Perform a C-Section?

Did Your Doctor Fail to Perform a C-Section?

Posted By Maher Law Firm || 27-Sep-2017

Childbirth is a difficult process in which lots of different things have to go right in order to go smoothly. Something going wrong isn’t out of the ordinary, and for this reason doctors need to be well-trained and prepared to react to anything that could happen. This includes being capable of administering a Cesarean section operation in order to remove the baby should the health of it or the mother be placed in jeopardy at any time. If they don’t, serious consequences could occur and you could have options for legal recourse.

When is a C-Section Needed?

A Cesarean section surgery (or C-section as it’s more commonly known), is performed whenever traditional vaginal delivery would compromise the health of mother or baby in any way. This relatively routine procedure involves an incision made in the mother’s abdomen to remove the baby to prevent it from having to be passed through the birth canal. In most instances, this is required for high-risk deliveries, such as in instances of extended labor, an abnormally-positioned fetus, or when vaginal bleeding excessive. When a mother has had more than one previous C-section delivery, all following births should also use this procedure.

Sometimes doctors have plenty of warning as to the need for a C-section surgery thanks to pre-natal indicators, and doctors will usually closely monitor a fetus that is showing signs that the circumstances of birth may not be quite right. For example, doctors can usually track if the fetus is in breach position in a feet or rump-first position, which can lead to complications.

Most women don’t actually give birth on their due date, but babies that are late by a week or more could face serious complications that require a C-section. Late birth could be a sign of fetal distress, usually indicated by a slow or abnormal heartbeat. Babies that are late by two weeks or more should be delivered by C-section.

Failing to Perform

When a baby stays in the birth canal too long, they could suffer all sorts of complications that result in injuries that could impact them for the rest of their lives. Erb’s palsy, shoulder dystocia, Brachial plexus injuries, and more could all be caused by a failure to perform a timely C-section.

If mother or baby suffers one of these injuries, an Orlando birth injury attorney can help you demonstrate that doctor negligence led to the complications that could have life-changing consequences. Call The Maher Law Firm at (855) 338-0720 to find out more about your legal options and request a case evaluation for help getting the compensation you deserve.
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