AbbVie Ordered to Pay More Than $140 Million to Heart Attack Victim

AbbVie Ordered to Pay More Than $140 Million to Heart Attack Victim

Posted By Maher Law Firm || 12-Oct-2017

AbbVie Inc. is a pharmaceutical company based in Chicago that uses a research-driven approach to create, manufacture, and market drugs to consumers. One particular drug, known as AndroGel, is a testosterone replacement therapy drug that is the subject of multiple lawsuits. Plaintiffs across the nation are claiming that AndroGel causes heart attacks, strokes, and other serious conditions, and that AbbVie has failed to provide adequate warnings about the risks of its product.

The Lawsuit

In 2015, a Tennessee resident and his wife filed a lawsuit against AbbVie for misrepresenting AndroGel. The man had used the product for only 2 months before he suffered a heart attack. While AbbVie argued that the man’s heart attack was caused by other factors, the court ordered the company to pay $140 million in punitive damages for fraudulent misrepresentation of the drug, as well as $140,000 to the plaintiff for compensation.

Other Court Verdicts Against the Company

Another lawsuit against AbbVie for its marketing strategies of AndroGel was heard before a federal jury. The court found the company guilty of fraudulently misrepresenting AndroGel’s health risks, and ordered it to pay $150 million in punitive damages. Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide adequate, clear warnings of the risks of using their products. When they downplay the risks or fail to warn consumers, they must be held responsible for any injuries that occur because of their products.

Because of the heart attacks and strokes occurring in users of testosterone replacement therapy, the FDA required AbbVie to include a warning about cardiovascular risks on the label of AndroGel, beginning in May of 2015. AbbVie says it will appeal the court’s decision regarding the settlement.

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