How Do I Know if I Have a Class Action Lawsuit?

How Do I Know if I Have a Class Action Lawsuit?

Posted By Maher Law Firm || 22-Nov-2017

You can turn on the news and quickly find a story on a class action settlement involving products you’re familiar with, such as medical devices, vehicles, children’s toys and household appliances. But what happens when you actually own the product? How do you get in on class action lawsuit? Are you even eligible?

Joining an Existing Class Action

Firstly, a class action lawsuit goes through several steps before you can even participate, unless you’re the one spearheading the campaign (which we will talk about later). Once a trial is approved, a notice period is set and all potential members of the class are notified through either a newspaper posting, mail, or email. The notice will tell you how to proceed, but if you receive a notice, you’re probably already part of the case and have to opt-out if you want to take no part in it. If you don’t receive a notice, it doesn’t mean you don’t qualify. If you see a class action that you feel you should be a part of, you need to get in touch with the law office handling the lawsuit to add your name to the registry.

Start Your Own Class Action

If you think you have a case and want to be the lead plaintiff for a class action lawsuit, you need to speak to an experienced class action attorney. Class action lawsuits can be related to dangerous products, security fraud, insurance fraud, employment discrimination and environmental issues. Your attorney can verify if you have a case, file the lawsuit, serve the summons and publish the notice to bring in more members once the judge accepts it.

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