Why Soft Tissue Injuries Need to Be Taken Seriously

Why Soft Tissue Injuries Need to Be Taken Seriously

Posted By Maher Law Firm || 23-May-2017

People who have experienced an accident, whether it was a car collision or slip and fall, may suffer injuries. While more serious injuries warrant immediate medical attention, many people often overlook minor injuries such as those in the soft tissues.

Unfortunately, not taking a soft tissue injury seriously can be a mistake. Although it may not be as visible nor as severe as some other types of injuries, ignoring a serious soft tissue injury can make problems worse.

If you or someone you love has suffered a soft tissue injury, here are several important things to consider:

  • Symptoms don’t paint the whole picture. As we mentioned above, soft tissue injuries are generally not visible but may result in immediate swelling and pain. Medical attention is important because immediate symptoms do not always indicate the severity of an injury. For example, those who suffer whiplash after a car accident may experience symptoms hours or even days after the crash.
  • Soft tissue injuries can range widely. A soft tissue injury occurs when a muscle, tendon, or ligament is traumatized either by a devastating singular event, such as a car accident or due to over usage, such as developing carpal tunnel syndrome at work from typing all day long. This type of injury may be felt but not seen, so victims cannot rely on visible symptoms to determine whether or not they suffered harm.
  • Always seek medical attention. Victims should always seek medical evaluations for their injuries so that their doctors can determine treatment options and provide documentation of your injuries to be used in personal injury claims. In addition, insurance adjusters capitalize on those who wait to seek medical treatment, stating that the victims were not really injured in the first place.
  • Various recovery processes. Recovering from soft tissue injuries will depend on the type of injury suffered and its severity. Muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries often require some time to heal, especially if surgery is necessary. Furthermore, soft tissue injuries can result in chronic and persistent pain, which may take months to fully heal from.

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