Legal Insight: Should You Settle Your Case or Go to Court?

Legal Insight: Should You Settle Your Case or Go to Court?

Posted By Maher Law Firm || 4-Jan-2017

Many times, a personal injury case may be settled out of court through negotiations with the insurance adjuster. This provides many benefits. The plaintiff (party seeking compensation) can save money and time, and keep the case private. Furthermore, settling out of court is often less stressful than using litigation, and the result may not be appealed and dragged out for months or years longer.

Once a case goes to trial, it becomes public record. This means the details of your case may be accessed by anyone at any time, unless they are sealed. By settling, you can keep most if not all of the case details confidential. You will also not have to pay extra fees and expenses associated with a formal court trial.

Are There Benefits in Going to Court?

Typically, settling out of court is more beneficial than using litigation. However, sometimes litigation can provide the means by which you can obtain the fair settlement you deserve. If the insurance company disputes your claim or refuses to make a fair offer, you will need to go to court and use evidence to support your claim. Furthermore, if the issue is a question involving constitutional rights or an important issue of right and wrong that could affect others, using litigation could provide the publicity you desire to make a difference.

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