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  • Stay Safe on Your Thanksgiving Travels!

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 25-Nov-2015

    Thanksgiving is here! Today, tens of thousands of individuals and families across the state and country will be packing up the car and heading out to spend the holiday at a destination away from home. With so many people out on the road, there is sure to be an abundance of holiday traffic, and of course with traffic comes more opportunities for accidents to occur. Rear-end accidents are very ...
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  • Drowsy Driving Facts & Statistics

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 19-Nov-2015

    Most people are aware that drunk driving and distracted driving are two major causes of car accidents, but did you know that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that driver fatigue is responsible for at least 100,000 accidents each year, resulting in more than 1,500 fatalities and over 70,000 injuries, not to mention ...
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  • Honda Drops Longtime Partner Takata After Airbag Recall

    Posted By Maher Law Firm || 4-Nov-2015

    On Tuesday, November 3, Honda Motor Company made the decision to drop its longtime business partner, Takata, as its airbag supplier. This decision comes after more than 30 million vehicles manufactured between 2002-2014 were recalled for an airbag defect that was determined to be the result of poor quality control in manufacturing, among other causes. Long-term exposure to high heat and humidity ...
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