Aggressive Driving: How Does Orlando Measure Up?

Aggressive Driving: How Does Orlando Measure Up?

Posted By The Maher Law Firm || 31-Jul-2014

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Aggressive driving is generally defined as the operation of an automobile in a way that endangers or is likely to endanger people or property. A wide range of driving behaviors fit within this category, including speeding, tailgating, cutting people off in traffic, slamming on brakes, gesturing and cursing at other drivers.

Many of these behaviors can easily escalate to dangerous "road rage" situations that lead to auto accidents. In fact, 60 percent of Americans consider these unsafe driving practices to be a threat to themselves and their families, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Unfortunately, survey results released this spring by AutoVantage indicate that drivers in Orlando and surrounding areas may encounter unsafe driving practices on a regular basis.

Orlando Ranked Eighth Least Courteous City for Drivers

The roadside assistance service's "Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey" is aimed at determining the "most and least courteous" cities for drivers in the U.S. In the 2014 version, AutoVantage looked at 25 cities from across the nation, including Orlando, Miami and Tampa.

None of the Florida cities made the top five least courteous list, which featured Houston in the top spot, followed by Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Boston.

However, Orlando did come in at No. 8. According to the survey, drivers here were also:

  • Fourth most likely to see other drivers slamming on their brakes
  • Third most likely to acknowledge talking on the phone while driving
  • Second most likely to acknowledge cutting into other lanes without signaling (tied with Atlanta and Seattle).

None of the three Florida cities made it into the top five most courteous list. Portland came in at No. 1, followed by Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco and Charlotte.

Impressively, Tampa drivers were ranked No. 11 on the list of most courteous drivers as well as:

  • Fourth least likely to curse at other drivers, and
  • Second least likely to wave their arms or shake their fists at other motorists.

Further south in Miami, drivers were ranked as being slightly less courteous than Orlando, landing the city in the No. 7 least courteous spot. Miami drivers were most likely to honk their horn at other drivers and most likely to witness other drivers running red lights. They were also the second most likely to witness drivers slamming on their brakes.

What Does the Survey Say About Orlando Drivers?

The AutoVantage survey findings indicate that Orlando motorists have some work to do. Any one of these reckless driving behaviors could lead to a serious auto accident. And they are all preventable.

For drivers that admittedly struggle with driving aggressively, taking more time to make their commute and learning how to relax behind the wheel could mean the difference between being late for work and not showing up at all.

For the calm, cool and collected, the findings are a reminder to watch out for aggressive drivers in your midst and simply stay out of their way to avoid being involved in a serious accident.

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