Six Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Six Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Posted By The Maher Law Firm || 10-Jan-2014

Knee Injury

Motorcycle drivers generally suffer more serious injuries than people in vehicles during car accidents. In 2012, nearly 500 motorcycle drivers died in accidents in Florida, and thousands more were injured. Because of the lack of protection motorcycles have, riders are exposed to a whole host of serious injuries when they collide with a car.

With Florida's beautiful scenery and warm weather year round, it is understandable why so many people enjoy riding motorcycles in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, the increase in motorcycle registration in Florida has led to a surge in the number of motorcycle accident injuries and deaths. A total of 491 people died in motorcycle crashes in 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Motorcyclists suffer head injuries, joint fractures, road rash, facial disfigurement, arm injuries and neck and back injuries. These types of injuries are seen more frequently with motorcycle riders because of the way they fall and their lack of protection.

Head Injuries

Concussions and brain damage are common in motorcycle accidents, as the driver's head is likely to collide with a vehicle or the pavement. Motorcyclists who wear helmets are 37% less likely to suffer serious permanent injuries and death.

Joint Fractures

Most commonly, motorcycle riders suffer injuries to the shoulders and the pelvis. These potentially disabling are commonly seen in motorcycle accidents due to the way the driver's body falls while on the bike. The most common cause of pelvic fractures in the United States is motorcycle accidents.

Road Rash

Motorcyclists who are involved in an accident are very likely to suffer road rash and abrasions from their skin being scraped along the pavement. Road rash is very common in motorcycle accidents and often leads to permanent scarring.

Facial Disfigurement

Facial disfigurement in motorcycle accidents may happen if a rider is thrown from the bike, especially if a rider is not wearing a full face helmet. As the driver's face collides with the ground, chin and jaw fractures can occur easily. If the fracture is bad enough, it can cause permanent facial disfigurement, or even the need for reconstructive surgery.

Arm Injuries

"Biker's arm" is a common injury that occurs when bikers try to brace themselves as their bike falls. Nerves in the upper arm can become damaged due to the impact, causing permanent disability.

Neck and Back Injuries

As the whole spinal column is vulnerable during an accident, bikers can suffer anywhere from simple soft tissue injuries to permanent paralysis, depending on the level of impact. If the spinal cord becomes involved, then the driver stands the risk of losing function permanently.

Motorcyclists involved in an accident are 35 times more likely to be killed than people in a car or truck. When they do escape with their lives, motorcyclists often have to contend with permanent disabling injuries. Motorcyclists who are injured in accidents caused by others may be entitled to compensation to pay medical bills and physical therapy. Riders who have been injured should talk to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney about their legal rights.


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