Total Hip Replacement | Metal Hip Implants

Total Hip Replacement | Metal Hip Implants

Posted By The Maher Law Firm || 17-Jan-2013

Hip replacement failure

In it’s first use of power granted by Congress, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is intending to close a loophole in the 1976 federal law under which medical devices were first regulated. The FDA is proposing that “makers of artificial hips with all-metal components would have to prove the devices were safe and effective before they could continue selling existing ones or obtain approval for new all-metal designs.”

An estimated 500,000 patients in the United States alone have received a type of artificial hip that failed early. Making the FDA’s proposal a forefront of discussion. Currently, companies have to show that their devices resemble ones already on the market, they are not required to conduct clinical studies before selling them. The FDA’s proposal would require makers of all metal hips to produce clinical data to justify their use because of the “large number of patients who received these products and the number of adverse events associated with them.” said, Dr. William H. Maisel, deputy director for science at the FDA.

Metal hip implants in which the ball and cup component are made from metallic alloy, were used in one of every three joint replacement procedures preformed in the U.S. annually. These all metal hips are not only failing at a high rate not long after implantation, but they are causing severe tissue and bone damage in hundreds of patients due to tiny particles of metallic debris released as the artificial joint moves. As a result, thousands of patients have been forced to undergo painful and costly operations to replace the all metal implants. Incidentally, hip implants made of materials like plastic and metal, typically last 15 years before wearing out.

When medical devices were first regulated in 1976, it caused all metal hips to fall into a sort of regulatory limbo. High risk devices underwent clinical trials to obtain FDA approval, where devices considered less risky had only to show that a new product resembled one already on the market. All metal hips were lobbied as moderate risk products by implant companies. Resulting in the sale of a new generation of all metal hips without running clinical tests.

Today, thousands of patient lawsuits involving all metal devices, sold by the DePuy division of Johnson & Johnson, have started to come to trial. It is estimated that Johnson & Johnson may have to spend billions of dollars to resolve the litigation.

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